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Meet Dotty, the beginning of a dream. We like to refer to Dotty as the Double Donkey OG. She might not be the best looking mini on the ranch (a little wide around the middle), but being the first counts for something.

 Dotty stands 29 3/4 inches tall with ears measuring in at _____ from head to tip. Like so many women, Dotty’s true beauty is found in her strength. She came to us in the midst of grieving the loss of her best friend. She had fallen into a deep depression that caused her to withdraw from her herd and avoid all human contact. Dotty and her young daughter moved to Double Donkey Ranch in hopes of a new start at life. We can happily say that Dotty is now fully adjusted and thriving.

She has formed deep bonds with several donks and humans on the ranch. She is one our most vocal asses, filling our lives with her opinionated heehaws. We believe Dotty to be one of our most sensitive, complex and stereotypically stubborn donkeys on the ranch. Dotty is a registered Mediterranean mini donkey and is currently pregnant with an estimated due date of _________.