The Ranch

DDR is set on a unique landscape minutes outside of Idaho’s capital city. At DDR, you will find Idaho’s Best Ass and perhaps the one place where size doesn’t matter. At Double Donkey Ranch, our daily mission is to spread the love of premium ass while demonstrating the important connection between land, animal husbandry, and inner peace.

The ranch is home to American and Mediterranean mini donkeys, Highland cattle, Longhorn cattle, horses, fancy chickens, attitudy peacocks, two Great Pyrenees and one completely useless mini Goldendoodle. DDR is an Idaho based brand, and mini donkey breeder, that celebrates family farms, freedom, and a little bit of ass. We thank you for supporting the lifeblood of America through your direct support of Double Donkey Ranch. After all, you don’t have to own an ass, to rep Idaho’s Best Ass. 

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