I’m unsure of my size or have a “fit” question. Can you help?

You betcha! Free sizing and styling is available on all orders. Just reach out via live chat, email, or the contact form! You’ll find that most of our items run true to size and if an item runs differently we will provide a note in the description.

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We do our best to be fast as lightning, but here is a little more information based on what you’ve ordered. Orders generally process within 1-3 business days. Standard shipping takes 2-7 business days. Expedited Processing and Priority and Express Shipping are available options at checkout for an additional fee. If you have further questions about shipments, please send us a quick email or open a live chat. We will do our absolute best to work with your timeline to ensure you have the best ass as soon as possible.

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You can, but only if we haven’t processed or shipped your order and the change is of the same value. Please email merch@doubledonkeyranch.com and include your order number in the subject. Our goal is to ensure you have the ass that fits you best.

I ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange it?

Don’t sweat it! As long as we have an alternative size, we are happy to process your first exchange, free of charge. Please follow the instructions on the back of the Double Donkey Ranch Return Card you received along with your purchase. Once we receive your return, we will process your exchange per the instructions provided. Please fill out the exchange form to begin the exchange process. Items sell out quickly, so please understand that exchanges are not always possible, but we’ll do the best we can to accommodate every request as quickly as possible!

Where do I send my exchange?

Remember to include your full name and order number with the shipment. Please ship return packages to:

Double Donkey Ranch
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To begin an exchange or return online please fill out the exchange form.

Can I add an item to an order I just placed?

Not always, but we are happy to package secondary orders with the first if we receive them in time. Please contact us after placing an additional order so that we can do our best to combine your shipments.

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Who doesn’t love a free bale of hay or a hat?! Okay, maybe we can’t provide free hay, especially these days, but we’ve been known to do merch giveaways from time to time! Follow us on INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK! Another way to get exclusive discounts is to join our mailing list. Our emails include discount codes, pre-release merch, ranch experience offers and other ass exclusives. If you don’t love it, it’s easy to unsubscribe.

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At Double Donkey Ranch protecting your information is our top priority. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt your credit card number, name and address. Most browsers offer additional security alerts, as well. With regard to overall security, we always use industry standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving data exchanged within our site. Our web security team possess super powers that us normal folks can’t understand, but their job is to keep our stuff safe and that’s exactly what they do.

My question wasn’t answered in the FAQ’s!

Bray away! We love new questions and are always here to help. Contact us via chat, email, or the contact form. If you need something, we can generally come up with a solution!

How small are mini donkeys?

Miniature donkeys must measure no more than 36 inches from the highest point of the withers to the ground. At Double Donkey Ranch, many of our donkeys measure less than 32 inches.

How long is the gestation period for donkeys?

13 months, poor things.

Do mini donkeys have twins?

Twins are a dangerous and rare occurrence in donkeys, much more rare than in humans. Because mini donkeys birth only one foal and have a long gestation, breeding is a committed and sometimes costly process.

Are mini donkeys good pets?

The best! Heehaw! Mini donkeys are highly intelligent, emotional animals with a desire to connect. They form strong bonds with their two-legged companions, however are still herd animas at heart. This means that donkeys require a friend to ensure they live life to the fullest. Donkeys who live alone can struggle with depression. Donkeys love long pet sessions and healthy treats. They can be trained to do a variety of tricks and tasks. Having said this, it is NOT recommended that donkeys live inside. If you’re looking for a bedmate, we strongly recommend a puppy.

How are mini donkeys with children?

As with other animals, donkeys are excellent with children. Similar to all animals, children must learn the proper care and respect to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with their donks.

Can I buy just one donkey?

Yes! We will consider placement of a single donkey if you already own another miniature donkey and in some cases other miniature equine.

What are the costs associated with miniature donkeys?

Donkeys aren’t cheap! They require nutrient rich food twice daily, shelter, and a good amount of space to roam. Additionally, to live a high-quality life they require vaccines, routine farrier visits, oral care, and weekly brushings and body checks from their owner.

What do mini donkeys eat?

Orchard grass and the occasional healthy treat. Alfalfa is not suitable for donkeys!

How much space does a mini donkey need?

We recommend 0.5 - 1 acre per donkey, however land conditions and shelter will impact our recommendation regarding space. Reach out to discuss your land and if it would look better with Idaho’s Best Ass grazing on it.

How long do mini donkeys live?

Mini donkeys live 25-35 years, some have been known to live longer. Please consider this lifelong bond when considering miniature donkeys as an addition to your family.

Can my mini donkey live inside?

Miniature donkeys are small, but stout! Despite their small stature most still weigh between 200-400 pounds. It is not recommended that your mini spends time indoors. They are most comfortable outside in an open, grassy field or fenced pasture.

Can mini donkeys pack and pull?

Absolutely, and many of them love having a job to do! Because of their mini-size it is recommended that their max pull weight, including cart, is no more than 50-100 pounds.

Can I ride my mini donkey?

Not unless you weight as much as an average five year old. In general, miniature donkeys are not suitable to be ridden.

Are donkeys and mules the same thing?

Absolutely not! A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, making the mule half donkey, half horse. Mules are sterile, meaning they cannot reproduce.

Where can I learn more about mini donkeys?

Learn more about miniature donkeys on the Double Donkey Ranch blog.

Who runs DDR?

A herd of vertically-challenged, constantly braying big-eared asses manage a team of DDR ranchers. Let’s meet the key players:

The Crazy Ranch Lady:

Constantly collecting new animals, but never acquiring more space. She has a soft spot for project animals, loves a good pair of cowgirl boots, and hesitates to leave the ranch but can be convinced for a DQ blizzard. A good ol’ fashion Idahoan who loves family, freedom and a little bit of ass.

The Donkey Wrangler:

Spends at least 75% of everyday wondering why he keeps showing up. Talks about the weather like an old man and complains about every season. Badass fence builder, hoof trimmer, and secret donkey snuggler. Enjoys long walks down the isles of D & B. After all, the weather is always perfect there.

The Resident Poop Scooper:

And future cowboy. Embraces the mullet and is so proud to be country he wears his boots over his jeans. (We will tell him men don’t really do that at some point.) Loves to confidently spout off incorrect donkey facts to strangers and say the word ass for a little extra effect.

The City Kid Stuck on the Ranch:

There’s always one in every family. Whines of exhaustion and heat-stroke when asked to scoop a few droppings of mini donkey poop. Very sports inclined. We fully expect him to live in a downtown condo someday and tell stories of the horrors he endured as a child.

What is DDR all about?

Mini-ass, neigh-neigh and a little bit of moo. Double Donkey Ranch is a brand that represents what makes America great. When you rep DDR, you support family farms, freedom and a little bit of ass. Additionally, Double Donkey Ranch is a breeder of American and Mediterranean mini donkeys.