Animal Spotlights

Meet Dotty, the beginning of a dream. We like to refer to Dotty as the Double Donkey OG. She might not be the best looking mini on the ranch (a little wide around the middle), but being the first counts for something.

Dotty stands 29 3/4 inches tall with ears measuring in at 9.5 inches from head to tip. Like so many women, Dotty’s true beauty is found in her strength. She came to us in the midst of grieving the loss of her best friend. She had fallen into a deep depression that caused her to withdraw from her herd and avoid all human contact. Dotty and her young daughter moved to Double Donkey Ranch in hopes of a new start at life.

We can happily say that Dotty is now fully adjusted and thriving. She has formed deep bonds with several donks and humans on the ranch. She is one our most vocal asses, filling our lives with her opinionated heehaws. We believe Dotty to be one of our most sensitive, complex, and stereotypically stubborn donkeys on the ranch. Dotty is a registered Mediterranean mini donkey and is currently pregnant with an estimated due date of March 2023.

Meet Mike, our biggest little guy on the ranch. If he drove a truck it would have a six-inch lift and an after market exhaust kit you could hear coming from a mile a way. Let’s just say, he’s a lot of man sitting on 16-inch legs.

Mike is a registered Mediterranian Miniature Donkey, with perfect confirmation. He’s currently the top donk amongst the mini stallions at DDR. Mike stands 29 3/4 inches tall with ears coming in at 8 1/4 inches.

Mike is the proud expectant father of eight foal this coming Spring. With some additional courting, he’s hoping to make that an even ten for 2023. He doesn’t like us sharing, but under that macho exterior, Mike is quite the little love. He’s found of physical affection and is exceptionally gentle with his two-legged companions and children. He’s also quite protective of the lady herd he is often found running with.

With a tail like that, it’s no wonder he’s surrounded by ass! Meet Juan Pablo, one of two male Indian Peafowls that call DDR home. Juan Pablo is a noisy fellow who sometimes makes us wonder if we have an angry cat stuck up a tree. Follow the calls and you might find his four and a half foot tail fanned and ready to shake like a perfectly-timed percussion instrument.

Juan Pablo is three years old and is currently being trained to live free-range at the ranch. DYK: With proper care and a safe space to retreat from predators, Indian Peafowl can live up to 25 years in captivity. We are not much for safe spaces, but for Juan Pablo we will make an exception.


Meet Charlie, our spotted dude with a big ol ‘tude. Charlie is a registered Mediterranean Miniature Donkey with a slightly longer coat that his fellow donkey mates. He loves to play “bite the ankles” with his bestie Gustav followed by long naps in the sun to recover.

We sometimes wonder if he’s firing on all cylinders, but we don’t really care because you can do just about anything to him and he keeps on smiling. We have learned, however, that he does not appreciate wearing Muck boots, cowboy boots or cowboy hats. Maybe he’s more of a city donk? Charlie was born in March of 2021 and stands 30 3/4 inches tall. He will enter our breeding program in the Spring on 2023.


Meet Marshmallow (Marshie), the only known miniature unicorn on the planet. Marshie isn’t our best looking “donkey”. She struggles with weight around her mid-section. She isn’t what we’d describe as petite, which can be a source of shame for some larger miniature donkeys. She isn’t the most photogenic or the most graceful, but what she lacks in superficial areas, she makes up for in confidence and a winning heart.

Marshmallow is a mature woman who prefers her age be left undisclosed. She is expected to have a baby late Spring of 2023. We believe her unicorn horn to be a recessive trait, but we are still hopeful.


Meet Gustav (Goose), our feisty, future stallion. Goose has been kicking up dust since February of 2022. He’s a registered Mediterranean Miniature Donkey that stands 29 inches tall with an impressive ear height of 9 inches tall. Goose enjoys passing time nibbling on his buddy’s ankles. His pen partner Charlie and him share a brother from another mother kind of bond.

Gustav will enter our breeding program in 2023.


Meet Donkey, our very own mini-Shrek Donkey look-a-like. Donkey is an American Miniature Donkey that measures 33 inches with a modest ear measurement of 7 inches. She is one of the friendliest donkeys on the ranch who lives for selfies and accompanying two-legged visitors in the pasture. She doesn’t say much, but won’t hesitate to give a nudge if she isn’t getting the pets she feels she deserves.

Donkey is expecting in June of 2023.


Meet Monday, born August of 2022. Naturally, Monday was born on Monday morning from Registered Longhorn mother, Sunday. Monday is an unusual combination of cuteness made up of a Longhorn-Highland mix. Thus far, she is bouncy, curious and loves frequent naps in the pasture. What else can we say…she’s a calf. Enjoy the cuteness!