FAQs Draft

Who runs DDR?

A herd of vertically-challenged, constantly braying big-eared asses manage a team of DDR ranchers. Let’s meet the key players:

The Crazy Ranch Lady:

Constantly collecting new animals, but never acquiring more space. She has a soft spot for project animals, loves a good pair of cowgirl boots, and hesitates to leave the ranch but can be convinced for a DQ blizzard. A good ol’ fashion Idahoan who loves family, freedom and a little bit of ass.

The Donkey Wrangler:

Spends at least 75% of everyday wondering why he keeps showing up. Talks about the weather like an old man and complains about every season. Badass fence builder, hoof trimmer, and secret donkey snuggler. Enjoys long walks down the isles of D & B. After all, the weather is always perfect there.

The Resident Poop Scooper:

And future cowboy. Embraces the mullet and is so proud to be country he wears his boots over his jeans. (We will tell him men don’t really do that at some point.) Loves to confidently spout off incorrect donkey facts to strangers and say the word ass for a little extra effect.

The City Kid Stuck on the Ranch:

There’s always one in every family. Whines of exhaustion and heat-stroke when asked to scoop a few droppings of mini donkey poop. Very sports inclined. We fully expect him to live in a downtown condo someday and tell stories of the horrors he endured as a child.

What is DDR all about?

Mini-ass, neigh-neigh and a little bit of moo. Double Donkey Ranch is a brand that represents what makes America great. When you rep DDR, you support family farms, freedom and a little bit of ass. Additionally, Double Donkey Ranch is a breeder of American and Mediterranean mini donkeys.